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to be instituteed. >> i have a quick question. is the airport cio here? just for a second. i notice your response here that you actually agreed with the finding. just your thoughts on what could be done. >> as president chiu suggested i agree with the finding. we should have more formalized meetings so that was my basis for that. >> okay. any specific forum from that suggestion that he might have? i think reading through the responses you were the one response and maybe actually spoke out and said "i agree" and wanted to solicit your feedback. >> i didn't give it more thought to the feedback but i think we need a regularly scheduled meeting with agenda and objectives for that dialogue and planning to occur. >> okay thank you. >> and supervisor farrell hearing that and by the way i want to thank the airport. i think your department has been a great example of how technology has been well managed and this is why i think we entrusted your department with the data center project. i could agree or partially agree with the statement depending where you want to go with that mr. chairman. >> parti
between the city cio and the departmental cio's functional weakness for city wide problems and partially agree the city's inability to manage these projects in a centralized function could benefit from reporting relationship between the city, cio and department c cio's. number 11. allowing common ict xurchgzs addressed and performed by department by department basis has lead to duplication and unnecessary spending. for this i agree. addressing by individual departments is the reason for duplicative efforts and spending. finding 12. the plan does not include ongoing operational activities and prior funding. for this i agree. the five year plan is a strategic plan and focus on operational activities would be helpful. find be number 13. there are no consolidated budget and staffing plans. partially agree. while there are some efforts there is no accountability and it's not clear who is responsible if spending decisions are not met. now let's get to the first category of recommendations. moving to -- there were a number of recommendations that came out of the civil grand jury. we
. subject to coit approval of the i kr.d t budget and staffing plans coit and the cio must monitor adherence to these plans and i think what i will say for this should be implemented within the next six months. one of the challenges we face challenges here at the board and coit and time lines and budgets keep slipping and it's important to have monitoring that continues. recommendation number seven. the cio position be elevated to this and there is significant split of opinion on what we should do. it's my perspective and having cio's report to department heads and sit around coit once a month and talk about it issues is not enough to get the job done. on the other hand i am concerned and not sure what it would look like for them to report up to a department head and the cio and i stated this requires further analysis and within departments with no function relationships with the city cio, continued to excel bait the lack of. >> >> exacerbate the lack of coordination and ask them to further consider what is the best way for the departmental cio to interact with the city cio? for recommen
to change thins? i know there are some that hope if and when we hire a new cio will change things and i want to note we had four individuals in those positions in the last ten years and not much as changed. the structure of how we govern ourselves from a it standpoint has not changed significantly and i am eager to hear the presentation from the civil grand jury report and again i thank you for your due diligence and hard work and i look forward to the conversation. >> thank you supervisor chiu for those remarks and welcome back to version two or three of this year. i also want to thank the other departments overing potential response focus we need them and others will speak as well and i would like to invite you up to share your report. >> good afternoon supervisors. on behalf of the civil grand jury i am marty choy and i person on this report and i will turn it over to the chair of the investigative committee. thanks. >> thank you. >> welcome back. >> we always seem to be getting together to celebrate the day after the giants have done something spectacular. it makes it difficult
of technology and cio and coit we spend time creating these partnerships and the consolidation project is a great one. i also want to acknowledge the airport and the emergency management center and we have a great partnership with. we have a great partnership with labor and reclassify it positions and training program whereas in the past it was done on a department by department basis so i think we're creating those partnerships for success, but i think at the end of the day it's a transitional challenge for the organization to go from thinking of itself as minicorporations as they view themselves at times in independent departments to work together as a cohesive unit. it just grew up. we started in the main frame days and monolithic and those terminals and pc revolution game and it was different overnight and everyone had a pc and the expert on how to work things so we are looking for a balance. we are bringing your own device to work and still balance that and what does it make sense to have centralized and do from a security confidential standpoint and it's exciting time. i wel
to make that happen. we have partnerships and i think i have good partnerships with the cio's and the department heads and that drastic change which i he alluded to is up setting and unsettling and usually two years and we struggled with large projects and i would ask if this organization is mature enough to take on those initiative disblis think one thing i want to observe and in my first coit meeting in 2009 the body decided we were going to consolidate our email. that was four years ago, and as you know, and as i think many folks in this room knows every few months we got an update why things weren't moving and i wanted to quote a part of the civil grand jury report want the jury has been told that some members vote yes on the policy and with their department drag their heels in implementing that policy and one refused to go along with the full implementation of projects" and i bring this up because i often find there seems to be on the service support for what we are trying to achieve versus centralization of these functions but when it comes to actual implementation do
jury is not the only voice that called more direct relationship between the city cio and budget leaders or a budget plan or urged reform to technology practices so they match the dynamic technology world, or any of the other recommendations in our report, but the way things are done around here is so embedded in san francisco government culture that the potential benefits to the san francisco community that have been raised, not just by us, are more than ignored. they are mocked by a city administration fearing change. we believe that only the mayor can make the changes that we and others have proposed. no one else has the direct authority over government operations than he has. he can do it if he is willing to put the passionate leadership he puts in attracting tech business to the city and improving the organization and technology within san francisco government. perhaps we have to wait for a different administration for there to be a fair hearing on ways to improve technology. perhaps you, the board of supervisors, can take up this challenge. we hope you will. there was
plan. this year we will update that plan and working with coit, the cio, and the controller's office on that report and open to feedback on how we can make it more useful to the board, departments, and to the public. the city email conversion project. i know that the civil grand jury points that as a failure or a ongoing frustration. i think we see some of the recent success and progress we're optimistic. right now 3600 users, 27 departments and some of the largest departments are slated for conversion in the next months and library is slated for conversion and additional 1300 accounts and others in january. our largest department with another 7100 accounts. data center consolidation and virtualization has been so successful that the scope has been expanded. initially the project was to convert or relocate 900 servers and 750 have been virtualized and 400 identified as candidates and 300 additional for relocation and total of 1400 servers, much larger than the originally scope of the project. this is also a sign of collaboration among the departments and one of the data center
reciente encuesta de la federacion sindical de trabajadores, en sus siglas en ingles afl-cio. seÑala las preocupaciones de los votantes...los sindicatos habrian sido los pilares de una movilizacion para captar los votos... "trabajos, la economia e inmigracion son los asuntos que le importaron mucho a los votantes de sindicatos y vamos a luchar por eso, por esos programas en los meses y aÑos que vienen" el tema de inmigracion sigue siendo prioridad... y esperan algo permanente... "necesitamos una reforma grande para darle lo mismo que se les dio a los sonadores, para todos los inmigrantes aqui, pero para que puedan ser ciudadanos de estados unidos, muy importante" sindicatos confian que trabajaran con organizaciones y agencias gubernamentales para que los temas de interes para los latinos se concreten a corto plazo...... el presiden obama, tendra que volver a hacer frente en su segundo mandato un congreso dividido, con la camara baja, todavia en control republicano y el senado con mayoria democrata... que significa esto para el tema migratorio?... fernando pizarro, nos explica... ... el
... una reciente encuesta de la federacion sindical de trabajadores, en sus siglas en ingles afl-cio. seÑala las preocupaciones de los votantes...los sindicatos habrian sido los pilares de una movilizacion para captar los votos... "trabajos, la economia e inmigracion son los asuntos que le importaron mucho a los votantes de sindicatos y vamos a luchar por eso, por esos programas en los meses y aÑos que vienen" el tema de inmigracion sigue siendo prioridad... y esperan algo permanente... "necesitamos una reforma grande para darle lo mismo que se les dio a los sonadores, para todos los inmigrantes aqui, pero para que puedan ser ciudadanos de ...en unas historicas elecciones en maryland, los votantes aprobaron el acta del sueno estatal, la expansion de los casinos y los matrimonios entre personas del mientras tanto en puerto rico el todavia jefe del ejecutivo luis fortuno, felicito hoy a alejandro garcia padilla, gobernador electo por su victoria en las elecciones generales de este martes .. mas adelante:. continua aumentando el numero de victimas y danos causados por el fuerte sismo
to read you what the afl-cio president said about the fiscal cliff. take with the media are calling the fiscal cliff, there is no fiscal cliff. it's an obstacle course within a manufacture crisis. congressman, you're on the budget committee. what do you say that? >> there are three elements to the fiscal cliff, and it's very real. one of those is that all the tax rates, the extended tax rates from the lowest of the highest for two years and expire. every single americans tax rates go up. the second part of it is that all the spending cuts that we have, spending has increased its trillion dollars in the last five years. gerri: stimulus spending accually get baked into the pie. and now it's permanent. >> well, in 2008 with the tar but in 2009 with the stimulus about both of those were supposed to come together and be a one-year anomaly. it is "cover your assets." the third aspect of no one talks about, the obamacare taxes. as soon as the president's election is over that again. soak those people making over 250,000, he wants to raise taxes, they're already going up. interest on capita
the economy from going over that cliff. afl-cio president richard trumka -- it turns out he's not worried about $600 billion in tax increases and spending cuts. in prepared remarks and washington event today, richard trumka said, and please remember this, this is just beautiful -- there is, he said, no fiscal cliff. what we are facing is an obstacle course that was hastily thrown together in response to inflated rhetoric about our federal deficit. richard trumka's remarks followed a meeting with the president and others earlier in the week. joining us now to talk about taxes and the president's second term agenda, his legacy, and oh, yes, what happens to the rest of us. the author of what just happened, monica crowley and former special assistant to george w. bush, ron christie. monica, have to say, eloquent labor leader, richard trumka from a manufactured crisis. the mathematics don't matter. >> well, apparently mathematics do not matter. according to the president of united states the united states from the math doesn't matter or he simply doesn't care. this is a president has now racke
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you being with us. thank you for coming, and receive a consent. very interesting. afl-cio chief says don't worry about the debt. just go after the rich. we have something to say about that in a moment. stuart: a pretty clear message coming from leading democrats, tax the rich to fix the national debt. even the unions to begin. that's why we say even the unions. unions to begin. afl-cio chief richard trumka not only says go after the wealthy, but most americans don't care about the deficit. that's what he says. listen to this. >> strongly believe that we should make sure the wealthy start paying their fair share of taxes. they believe that we should protect medicare and medicaid and social security benefits from cuts, and voters reject the idea that bring down the federal budget deficit is an overriding priority. stuart: you don't even have to read between the lines. he is saying very clearly, tax the rich, tax the now. don't worry about spending cuts. promise them, but hold them off until later. and don't worry about the deficit. let at that mount. that is clearly what the man is say
to get the president re-elect and they're now hoping to shape his second term agenda. afl-cio, afscme, the sciu and the national education association were all there as were the heads of progressive groups including the center for american progress and they seemed pleased with the results. here's afl-cio president richard tromka after the meeting. >> we want to make sure we don't end up paying the tab for a party we didn't get to go to. the president is committed to that as well. >> jennifer: jay carney and harry reid both echoed his comments calling for raising taxes on the wealthiest to spare the middle class. that, of course, is the same position that helped get the president re-elected but senate minority leader mitch mcconnell surprised no one by disputing the idea that any mandate exists on this issue saying "if the president truly realizes that he was elected to represent all of its citizens, not just the ones who voted to give him a second term last tuesday, then he will seek the common ground
. david: and value wealth management cio. david, i want to go to you first. pretty good news on cisco. some people were very concerned because i have so much revenue, with cutbacks in government they were worried about that, but full steam ahead for cisco, that is good news, right? >> two pennies better than expected. without getting caught up in it, i think it gives more efficacy to the tech sector in general valuations in technology trading at 12 to 14 times realistic price to earnings ratio, ample free cash flow generation and the sector has been weaker because the market has been weaker. longer-term there are great place that can include other large-cap names such as oracle or google selling attractive valuations. david: you are not selling oracle, why is that? >> did not get clearance from my traders. i think on a valuation basis that can be a compelling story as well. david: what about apple? that is a bellwether for tech stocks in many ways. it has been beaten up badly, will that continue to go down or might it get in earning from cisco? >> no doubt apple is a great company wit
leaders today, the presidents of the afl-cio, asme anded education association. republicans in exchange for tax hikes want to make structural changes to some programs like social security and medicare. that's their price for tax increases on 0 the wealthy. can he get democrats to back some of these changes in the eligibility requirements of medicare, social security, is it means testing, raising the age, changing the way cost of living increases are done with social security? all of those items were on the table in july of 2011 and folks weren't happy about that on the left. the afl-cio president told salon after this election labor won't be, quote, a lapdog. see what we do. see if we aren't independent. if it's bad workers, it doesn't matter who proposes it. we won't be onboard. we won't be taken for granted. that's the game the white house has to figure out here. how much give is there in his base. still, if the white house cuts a deal, does labor really have anywhere else to go? can the president get the votes for changes to social security and medicare from democratic senators who u
, the afl-cio calling republicans hostage takers. do you agree? are both sides standing in the way of compromise? >>> and we're going to get to the other side of the issue when i speak with bernie sanders of vermont. we are keeping our eyes on the breaking news coming to us out of cairo. i want to show you live pictures of protesters back in tahrir square today for another day of demonstrations over the egyptian president's effort to assert new powers. the protesters reminiscent of the uprising that took down hosni mubarak two years ago, and we've heard a third protester has died as a result of these protests. n. time for citi price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and if it finds one, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card and register your purchase online. have a super sparkly day! ok. [ male announcer ] now all you need is a magic carriage. citi price rewind. buy now. save later. citi price rewind. social
could be images and headlines turn against him. john harwood is at an afl-cio phone bank where they are urging voters to get to the polls. governor christie seems deeply in command the way the federal government has stepped in to help. this is the third hurricane i've covered in my lifetime, andrew, katrina and now this. we are at the point where the population gets furious and they turn on the government. the government can just not handle the huge, huge logistical requirements that happen after a storm like this. could this actually turn on the president at some point here? >> reporter: i don't think so. i think what the president has had the opportunity to do is show americans that he was involved in an effort that the country was rallying behind and do his job in a way that got praise by the keynote speaker at the republican convention, chris christie, very tough critic of the president otherwise. so i don't think many voters are going to blame president obama for what's going on right now, and leave aside the fact that the states in which the difficulties are occurring db
derrumbe >>> el presidente otto pÉrez a grdz cio l grado ca grdz c agradeciÓ ayuda de mÉxico, estados unidos y taiwan >>> los detenidos confesaron su participaciÓn en casi medio centenar de homicidios primero para el cartel de los "zetas" y luego para el cartel del golfo, los arrestos se produjeron el 31 de octubre pasado en un operativo que agentes de la policia antisecuestro rescataron una persona donde los inculpados mantenÍan privadas su libertad, otro lado del mundo en sudan estÁ plagado de pobrezas y hambruna, hay un creciente brote de fiebre amarilla, la fiebre amarilla a cobrado la vida de 77 personas en la skwon eszona est sudan ahora necesitan 4 millones de vacunas para combatir este problema de salud. >>> y bueno en las Última horas las temperaturas han dis mucho nitdz considerablemente ya comienza a sentirse el frÍo, vamos a regresar con stefany severin, este fa stefany?. >>> la mÁxima 64 y unos 5 grado por eso debajo de los promz md promedios. promedios.61 en al palo alto, san josÉ 60 >>> y como vemos durante este dÍa, en el transcurso pues tran entre 8 a 17 mill
the bush tax cuts expire for the country's highest earners. labor leader and president of the afl-cio was among those at the white house meeting and says he and the president are right now on the same page, richard trumka. >> we're working to make sure we're not paying a tab for a party we didn't go to. the president led with the notion of protecting the middle class and now you have republicans that have it in their power and could sign a bill tomorrow that protects the middle class so we'll see what they can. are we going to push them on that? without a doubt we're going to push on them. are we going to collectively stand up and make sure that workers get a fair shake in all of this? absolutely, we are. do we believe that the president is committed to that same thing? absolutely, we do. >> by the way, tune in to msnbc today at 1:30 p.m. for live coverage of the president's press conference. again, at 1:30 today. >>> congressman paul ryan is dismissing suggestions that president obama's victory gives his administration a mandate to raise taxes on the rich. returning to capitol hill y
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 166 (some duplicates have been removed)